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Control Tower provides the capability to create or edit bot source configurations, giving a business process developer full control over the bot task execution settings, e.g. available time, proxy, concurrency, etc.

Creating Bot Source

See the instruction to create a new bot source below.

  1. Go to System Settings (> Bot Sources optional) and press Add New Source.
  2. Enter information about your bot source in the fields provided.
    1. Name is the bot source name and a required value to fill in. 
    2. Description refers to the bot source description and can be up to 1000 characters long. Both Name and Descriptionsimplify further lookup and usage of the bot source.
    3. URL is the web address the bot source relates to.
    4. Availability refers to the time during which the bot source could be connected to. The format to be used is as follows: 8-17|Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat
    5. Timezone is specified for availability expression.
    6. Tasks per Day is actually the maximum number of tasks that can be executed per day, where 0 corresponds to the unlimited number. Availability, Timezone and Tasks per day enable you to limit execution to certain schedule/flow.
    7. Equally Distribute the Load is used to support a case when you have a limitation like Tasks per Day, and at the same time it's needed to distribute tasks gracefully over time.
    8. Finish Earlier Started Runs First gives a priority to record/transaction execution rather than business process step. Make sure to check it when the time between concrete start and finish of business process is above of overall execution progress.

       See how it works

      For example, you have 10 records and 3 steps within a business process. Without Finish Earlier Started Runs First enabled, the situation will look more like 7 records finished only 1st step and another 3 records finished 1st and 2nd steps.
      On the other hand, checking this flag will most likely lead to the situation where 3 records will finish all 3 steps, 1 record finishes 2 steps and the last 2 records finish only 1 step.

  3. Expand Proxy Properties by pressing Show.

    The proxy properties allow you to define a proxy server for accessing the data source. The feature is useful if the data source does not allow certain incoming requests to access it. E.g., if your bot is trying to access data on a foreign government website that permits requests only from within its country. 

    The values to be specified are as follows.

    1. Proxy Server or the proxy server address
    2. Proxy Port
    3. Username
    4. Password

    Expand Concurrency Settings by pressing Show.

    Setup of Concurrency Settings is crucial for optimal process performance and working with limited resources like Bot Manager. The settings allow you to limit the number of threads that will access the data source. The feature is useful if the data source allows a certain number of requests from one server.

  4. On having entered all the data, press Save to create a new bot source. 

All the created bot sources are available in System Settings > Bot Sources. There you, you can either edit or delete them.

Applying Bot Source to Business Process

As soon as bot sources have been created and tuned, the best practice is to set a specific bot source for each bot task within a business process. See how it is done below.

  1. Go to Business Processes and select a business process to add a bot source to.
  2. Proceed to Workflow of the selected business process and double-click a bot task to link to the bot source.
  3. On the Design tab within the Create Bot Configuration options, select a bot source in the Bot Source dropdown.
  4. Press Save.
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