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Available from RPA Express 2.3.0

Where to Find Server Components

In previous versions, the RPA Express icon in the system tray was used to open the menu panel, where you could view statuses of all the components and manage them respectively.

 RPA Express tray menu in previous versions

Starting from RPA Express 2.3.0, no tray menu is available. If you click on the RPA Express icon in the tray menu, you are most likely to find yourself on this page.

When you launch RPA Express by clicking on its icon on your desktop, WorkFusion Studio opens with server components and setup options found on the Components tab in the bottom left corner.

If by any chance there is no Components tab, open it manually.

  1. Start typing Components in the Quick Access field (or click 'Ctrl + 3' to start typing).
  2. Select Components (WorkFusion Studio) in the list of options.

Components Options

On the Components tab, you can perform the following actions.

Enabling Server Components

Mind that server components can be accessed in case of Development Workstation and Server as your installation type (either the Pro Business Trial or Pro Business licensing models). Server components are not available for the Development Workstation installation type no matter what licensing model you have selected  RPA Express Starter or Pro Business Trial. To add server components, press Install server components and follow the steps.

By default, the server is disabled. To enable the server and its components, do as follows.

  1. Move the slider next to the server to the ON position. 

    Keep in mind that it can take several minutes to start the server depending on hardware resources of the server machine.

    While the server components are starting, the slider is grayed out and inactive.

  2. As soon as the server is started, you are able to view the number of available bots and links to Control Tower, WorkSpace, and File Storage. Click on the corresponding link to open in your default browser.

The server status is shown with the appropriate color of the slider:

  • green – the server is up and running
  • red – the server is down
  • yellow – either some components are not up, or RPA Express license is about to expire or has already expired (the details are in a tooltip available on hovering)

    The warning message on license expiry appears 15 days before the actual license expiration date.

To close RPA Express completely, stop server components by moving the slider to the OFF position and close RPA Express WorkFusion Studio.

Viewing Server Components

On the Components tab, you can view the following components, that were previously available in the tray menu.

To view the number of available bots and have access to Control Tower, WorkSpace, and File Storage, you should enable your server first.

OCR is always enabled with the current status shown:

  • green – OCR is up, the number of pages is in a tooltip available on hovering
  • red – OCR is not running, or all the pages are used up, the details are in a tooltip

Server Management

From the Components tab, you can edit server settings and set up the way a server behaves.

Managing Server Profiles

By default, the default server profile is chosen. To view/enter any changes into the server profile, or add a new server profile, do as follows.

  1. Click on the Server Profile drop-down and select Manage Profiles.

  2. Within Server Profiles, make necessary edits, and click Apply and Close to save.

Managing Server Control

To view available options, click on the drop-down next to the server.

  • Manual control – is enabled by default. Server components are started when you enable the server manually and stopped when you intentionally stop them. In case of closing WorkFusion Studio, server components continue running in the background mode, if they were not stopped by you.
  • Always running – if selected, server components are started automatically after the system reboot, though you can still manually enable and disable them.
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