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To download free Intelligent Automation Cloud Express or get a 30-day free trial of Business Edition, go here.

Intelligent Automation Cloud Express

Intelligent Automation Cloud Express refers to the Development Workstation installation type only. For Intelligent Automation Cloud Express, only one Bot is available.

Bot runs under the current user and uses the current desktop for its operations.

Intelligent Automation Cloud Business

The Development Workstation and Server installation type is targeted for Business Trial and Business Edition license installations. Intelligent Automation Cloud Business supports several deployment options, i.e., either all components deployed on one local machine or as a distributed model.

Single Machine Deployment

Development Workstation and Server can be deployed for Intelligent Automation Cloud Business on a single machine. By means of server bots, more robust bots with scheduling possibilities are offered.

Distributed Environment Deployment

Intelligent Automation Cloud Business offers a distributed model where a single application server is typically used to handle multiple developer machines (Development Workstations) ensuring centralized governance and management of bots created. Multiple Development Workstations are connected to Server allowing bots to import/export to Control Tower.

Bot Management

Note that each bot needs a license for each application it uses, i.e., Microsoft Office.