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This page contains the list of questions, frequently asked by our partners, customers, and users on Intelligent Automation Cloud.

General Questions

Is Intelligent Automation Cloud a platform or a desktop tool?

Intelligent Automation Cloud Express is a desktop-based tool only, while Business and Enterprise Editions are a platform with server and desktop-based components.

Can Intelligent Automation Cloud run on Linux or Mac OS?

No, it can run on Windows only. For more information, refer to System Requirements.

How are Express and Business Editions deployed?

A wizard-based installer allows selecting different deployment models. For more details, refer to Deployment Diagrams and Installation.

Are Terminal Emulators provided in Intelligent Automation Cloud?

No. Intelligent Automation Cloud relies on 3rd party terminal emulators in your environment.

Is there a built-in version control repository?

It is possible to use Git for version control. You can do it from WorkFusion Studio with any Eclipse plugin for Git, for example, EGit.

Can the application process documents in different languages?

The OCR component in Express and Business Editions can process documents in several languages. For more details, read this article.

The OCR component in the Enterprise Edition supports more than 200 languages.

How many OCR pages do I get with Intelligent Automation Cloud?

On obtaining Intelligent Automation Cloud, you get the following number of free OCR pages:

  • Express Edition: 1,000 per each license
  • Business Edition: 10,000 per year
  • Enterprise Edition: 100,000 per year
How does WorkFusion handle my personal data?

Intelligent Automation Cloud is fully GDPR compliant. We gather usage statistics only if you accept this option during the installation.

Can we automate Citrix?

Citrix and other Remote Desktop emulators stream applications as an image, making it impossible to access the underlying details like screen objects and their corresponding element IDs. They can be automated using image-based actions and OCR.

Do you provide application training and certification?

Yes, we offer industry training on RPA and Intelligent Automation, as well as tool-based training for Intelligent Automation Cloud in our certification center - Automation Academy.

Express Edition

Can Express Edition be used for free permanently?

Yes, Express Edition can be downloaded and used for free with no time limitations.

Can Express Edition be used for both development and production?

Yes, you can use Express Edition in Development, Labs (small scale deployments), and Production.

Is any support provided for Express Edition users?

Express Edition users can ask questions, report bugs and get support on the WorkFusion Community forum.

Business Edition

What is included in the 30-day trial?

Business Edition includes a 30-day introductory trial of the following Business capabilities:

  • multiple concurrent bots on the server
  • remote connection to the server Control Tower from local Workstations
  • multiple users on Control Tower with different access levels.
What happens when the trial expires?

After the trial period, if users do not subscribe, they lose access to the Business features. They are still able to use one bot on the local machine where Business Edition is installed.

Does Business Edition provide built-in monitoring?

Intelligent Automation Cloud Business offers the monitoring of your bots' activity in Control Tower. It displays the progress and activity status of all bots across all processes.

Are any BPM capabilities provided in the Business Edition?

Yes, the Business Edition comes with BPM capabilities in Control Tower, which lets you design, create, run, and manage business processes that automate workflows on your end.

What type of database does Business Edition use?

Business Edition has MySQL and PostgreSQL databases underneath.

How many bots can be deployed in the Business Edition?

If you install Business Edition on a server, you can run up to 16 bots concurrently. The number of bots can be limited by the machine specs. See System Requirements for more details.

Can the Budiness Edition be installed on individual employees' machines?

Yes, the Business Edition can be installed both on a server and used centrally, and on a desktop for individual use.

Is additional support provided to Business Edition users?

Yes, the Business Edition users can get assistance from the dedicated support team in WorkFusion Service Desk.

Enterprise Edition

Can we handle unstructured data in Intelligent Automation Cloud Enterprise?

Yes, in Enterprise Edition, you can use Cognitive Automation to work with unstructured data.

Are there API extensions?

Yes, Enterprise Edition allows API integration capabilities.

What are security controls built-in (i.e. access rights, encryption, etc.)?

Full encryption at rest and in transit is available.

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    1. If I want to pay for services, can you offer premium support? Will this be done directly with you or via partner?
    2. How much time will it take me to put a task/process into production?
    1. Unknown User (azinchuk)

      1. RPA Express with Pro features includes customer support.
      2. It depends on your use case and environment setup.
  1. Mikhail Abramchik

    Couple more questions: 

    1. Does RPAx have an external connection?  Is it sending data back to WorkFusion? 
    2. How will new releases or patches be handled?  Auto-updates or does the user have to download? 
    1. Unknown User (azinchuk)

      1. RPA Express is fully GDPR compliant - we gather usage statistics only if you accepted this option in the Installer.
      2. You can download new releases from the - but the installer size is 18 Mb.
  2. Unknown User (lveldhuis)

    What languages are supported? Can you send a list? 

    1. Unknown User (azinchuk)

      do you mean language support for OCR? If yes see this page.

  3. How many OCR pages do I get for free with RPA Express?

    1. Unknown User (azinchuk)

      You get 1,000 pages