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This page contains the list of questions, frequently asked by our partners, customers, and users. If you have new questions, please post them in the comments below.

Features and Usability

Is RPA Express a platform or desktop based tool?

RPA Express is a platform with server and desktop-based components. Though if desired, it can be run completely from a desktop.  

What are the limitations?

The only budget considerations for running RPA Express would be infrastructure costs for the server where it would be installed, if a server deployment is desired (RPA Express can also be installed on a desktop).  

How easy is it for business users to implement, and how?

RPA Express can be downloaded, installed, and operated without getting IT resources involved. Business users will find RPA Express intuitive to use thanks to online tutorials, drag-and-drop configuration, a prebuilt action library, a recorder for capturing bot actions, and connectors to familiar MS Office products. 

How does it compare to the competitive products? What separates RPA Express, or additional features exist?

RPA Express has everything an enterprise needs to implement RPA, similar to competitive products that charge software licensing fees. In addition, RPA Express offers built-in business process management with drag-and-drop configuration, a library of prebuilt actions, the ability to include the management and distribution of manual tasks, built-in OCR, and a recorder for capturing bot actions. 

What is Control Tower?

Control Tower allows you to create and manage business processes, operate Bots (start/stop/restart), schedule automation, and get a complete audit of actions performed. It is included in RPA Express. You can learn about all components included in RPA Express here.

What kind of BPM support do you offer?

SPA comes with BPM capabilities, which let you design, create, run, manage, and audit business processes which automate workflows on your end. We ship these capabilities in RPA Express as well. 

How will unstructured data be handled in RPA Express?

RPA Express includes our WorkSpace capability which can be used to handle unstructured data using manual tasks. In SPA, you can use Cognitive Automation to work with unstructured data.

Do we have Terminal Emulator in RPA Express?

No. RPA Express relies on the 3rd party terminal emulators in your environment.

Does it support mainframe based apps?

Yes. RPA Express supports mainframe based application automation.

How does RPA Express interact with Citrix?

Citrix and other Remote Desktop emulators stream applications as an image, making it impossible to access the underlying details like screen objects and their corresponding element ID's. RPA Express utilizes image-based automation 

What enterprise capabilities are built-in?

RPA Express includes the following key features:

Bot DevelopmentAutomation Management
and Control
Management Information
and Analytics
Technical ArchitectureSecurity, Governance,
and Administration

User Interface Integration

Control Tower
(Bot Performance)

Control Tower
(Work Management)

Citrix SupportAccess Control and Authentication

Bot Design Tools

Automation SchedulingDashboardsVirtual Machine SupportBot Governance and Audit Trail

Actions Library

Exception ManagementReporting and BenchmarksDesktop DeploymentOnline Documentation
Manual Task Integration

VM DeploymentOnline User Community 

Business Process Management

Server Deployment
Digitization (OCR)

Data Integration

Virtual Desktop Integration

How many bots can I deploy? What do I do to add/increase bots to RPA Express?

RPA Express does not introduce any limitations on the number of bots used. By default, you have 5 concurrent bots and can add more.

Does RPA Express have built-in monitoring?

RPA Express offers both functional and technical control towers for monitoring automation. The functional control tower displays the progress and status of all bot activity across all processes configured in RPA Express. The technical control tower monitors the technical performance of all connected nodes including bot volume and utilization.

Does RPA Express require java programming? Can Non-Dev Ops Teams learn it?

RPA Express is a business user-friendly tool. You do not need to know programming to use it.

AUTOIT - will this still be an element of RPA Express?

No. RPA Express uses proprietary automation framework.

Are you using Selenium to automate applications?

RPA Express does use Selenium protocol for communication with bots but does not require a user to know Selenium.

Is there any version control repository built in?

We support native integration with SVN and Git. For those who do not use version control repositories, WorkFusion captures an audit trail of what has changed and has the ability to roll back.

Are there API Extensions?

Free version of RPA Express does not expose the API or allow for API-based integrations at this time. RPA Express Pro has API integrations SPA has even more API integration capabilities. To find out more about RPA Express Pro and SPA, please contact

How do we handle different languages?

WorkFusion can process a range of languages. However, if OCR is being used, there are 180 languages that are supported. You can find the list here.

Does RPA support UTF-8 Chinese characters?

Yes, RPA supports Chinese characters and all UFT-8 characters.

Can I automate Flex UI with RPA Express?

Yes, RPA Express can handle Flex UI through surface based automation.

Can we use Excel for other work when script using excel actions is running?

Yes, you can continue using Excel in this case. However, you cannot be using the same file that the RPA script is using during run time.

How many OCR pages do I get with RPA Express?

You receive 1,000 pages with RPA Express Starter and 10,000 when you buy RPA Express Pro.

How do I know how many OCR pages are left?

To view the number of OCR pages left to be processed under your current OCR license, go to Platform Monitor > Components and click the info icon next to OCR. Make sure that OCR is enabled in the tray menu.

What are security controls built-in (i.e. access rights, encryption, etc.)?

Control Tower offers role based security scheme. Full encryption at rest and in transit is available in SPA only.

Does RPA Express have an external connection? Is it sending data back to WorkFusion?

RPA Express is fully GDPR compliant. We gather usage statistics only if you accept this option while you're installing RPA Express.

Is access to Internet needed for RPA Express?

No Internet is needed for the application to function.

Download, Installation, and Upgrade

Can anyone just go to the website and download?

Yes. RPA Express is free and anyone with a laptop or desktop running Windows can download and use it.

What controls are in place for who can download?

It is available for anyone who registers for RPA Express with a business email.

How is RPA Express deployed?

RPA Express can be installed via Desktop, Server, or Server & Desktop deployment1.

1 – please refer to Deployment Diagrams

How do I update RPA Express?

You can download the latest versions from and run the installer. It will walk you through the upgrade. From version 2.0 onwards, you do not have to uninstall RPA express before upgrading.

Is there any support for Docker?

RPA Express is not available in the form of Docker container(s) yet. 

Can RPA Express run on Linux or Mac OS?

Currently, RPA Express can run on Windows only (in details, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2012, 2012R2, 2016). Depending on the feedback we receive from the user community, we can consider adding Mac and Linux support in the future. We encourage our users to vote on feature requests and enhancements on forum and help drive the direction of this product. 

How is RPA Express deployed? Is it quick?

RPA Express has a wizard-based installer which allows for quick installation without the involvement of IT resources.

Is RPA Express for Dev or labs (small scale deployments) only, or for Production too?

You will be able to download and use RPA Express in Development or in Labs, as well as in production without having to pay for it.

What is the change management process If bots break in Production?

Like with any software used in Production environment, there should be procedures in place for change management in case of an error or issue. WorkFusion and its partners offer professional consulting services that can be utilized to implement best practices specifically around the use of RPA Express.

Are the automation centralized or each individual can use their own?

RPA Express can be installed on a server and used centrally, or installed on a desktop for individual use.

Are there two versions of free software - one for professionals / SME and other for Enterprise clients?

There is one version of RPA Express which can be used by professionals and enterprise clients alike.

Can I create an RPA process in RPA Express and then publish it to SPA environment? Is the code shown upon publishing?

You can export to code and see how RPA Express script translates into groovy. If needed, you can also edit the groovy code

Is there any open source libraries in RPA Express?

Yes, RPA Express relies on some open source libraries. WorkFusion makes sure that those dependencies allow you to use the software without any limitations other that in EULA.

What type of database does RPA Express use?

It has MySQL and Postgre databases underneath.

Comparison: RPA Express Starter, RPA Express Pro, and WorkFusion SPA

What is the difference between RPA Express and WorkFusion SPA?

Machine learning is the critical difference. WorkFusion SPA learns from historical and realtime work how to do work that people can do, which RPA cannot – like unstructured data. RPA Express is a free version of WorkFusion software with select features that allow individual users to start automating everyday tasks on their laptop or desktop. SPA is focused on automating business process in the enterprise from simple data entry to complex workflows using AI-powered cognitive intelligence. For more information, refer to the Features Comparison table.

Are there any parts of WorkFusion SPA that have to be installed?

No. RPA Express does not depend on any other products.

RPA, then cognitive, what is this path?

The path typically begins with RPA, followed by the adoption of more intelligent automation solutions that can deliver increasing amounts of value to the enterprise.  WorkFusion Stairway to Digital Operations looks as follows.

Does it seamlessly integrate with the rest of the WorkFusion products? Will RPA Express be seamlessly upgraded when a client decides to move forward with the WorkFusion SPA solution?

Yes – and you do not have to rebuild anything you’ve already built. Any automation created in RPA Express is compatible with WorkFusion SPA.

What does Enterprise-class mean in context of RPA Express and how does it compare to competitive products?

Enterprise-class means that RPA Express has everything an enterprise needs to implement RPA, similar to competitive products that charge software licensing fees. RPA Express is not a term-limited free trial or functionality-limited community software product.

How is the integration handled with other components of platforms (like machine learning or cognitive)?

All bots built using RPA Express can be seamlessly upgraded to WorkFusion SPA when a client is ready to take advantage of capabilities offered as a part of WorkFusion's Intelligent Automation software products (e.g. machine learning or cognitive automation).

RPA Express Support

Are you partnering with any service providers to deliver this to enterprise?

WorkFusion service provider partners will have the opportunity to certify on RPA Express so they can deliver training, implementation, and support offerings to their customers.

How does RPA Express fit into the service environment?

RPA Express will allow service providers to cut costs, eliminate errors, and increase efficiency in the work that they do for their clients.  

Does it include free support?

Support for RPA Express will be free. Users can email for bug reports and feature requests. All other support (e.g. questions and general feedback) will be provided through our online community forum ( 

Is there a GNU type requirement to share IP with others?

No. You retain the intellectual property for any RPA you develop with RPA Express.

RPA Express Pro Trial

What is a 30-day trial?

With the initial download and installation, RPA Express includes a 30-day introductory trial of Pro capabilities, which include multiple bots, multiple machines and 10,000 complimentary OCR pages. At the end of the trial, users will be limited to Starter version capabilities.

What happens when the trial expires?

When the trial of Pro capabilities expires, users will still be able to use RPA Express. Pro features include:

  • multiple bots on one server
  • multiple processes on the server simultaneously
  • ability for multiple development workstations to create bot tasks that can then be published to the server when ready.

After the trial period, if users do not subscribe, they will still be able to use the RPA Express Starter version, which offers:

  • one bot on the machine where RPA Express is installed
  • ability to run consecutive business processes on a local machine
  • access to the full functionality of WorkFusion Studio, Control Tower, and other RPA Express components on a local machine.
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    1. If I want to pay for services, can you offer premium support? Will this be done directly with you or via partner?
    2. How much time will it take me to put a task/process into production?
      1. RPA Express with Pro features includes customer support.
      2. It depends on your use case and environment setup.
  1. Mikhail Abramchik

    Couple more questions: 

    1. Does RPAx have an external connection?  Is it sending data back to WorkFusion? 
    2. How will new releases or patches be handled?  Auto-updates or does the user have to download? 
      1. RPA Express is fully GDPR compliant - we gather usage statistics only if you accepted this option in the Installer.
      2. You can download new releases from the - but the installer size is 18 Mb.
  2. Unknown User (lveldhuis)

    What languages are supported? Can you send a list? 

    1. do you mean language support for OCR? If yes see this page.

  3. How many OCR pages do I get for free with RPA Express?