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We have moved to a new documentation platform. This section is no longer supported. For the up-to-date information, see Run business process.

Running business process

To run the business process:

  • Go to Run tab in the business process
  • Click Run This Process.

Before running the process, you can set the following Advanced options for the business process:

  • Set Threshold – minimum completed tasks (or % of processes records) required to go to the next step in the process.
  • Select whether to save the results of the process to a Datastore.
  • Set the number of times Control Tower will attempt to repair the process in case an exception occurs.


If you have more than 1 bot working at the time of the BP execution, the BP will run simultaneously on the maximum number of available bots required for it. You can limit the number of bots each task can use with the help of Bot Sources.

If you have multiple records in the Input data, the data records will be distributed among available bots.

Viewing results

The Results page contains all information about the process with key parameters and links:

  • Summary with the general information about the business process (status, event log, etc.)
  • Statistics
  • The list of all steps in the process and their statuses and event log for each step
  • Output data from completed steps

On the steps tab, you can see if you need to process any manual tasks.

The final results tab contains the output data that can be exported in a .csv or .xlsx file.

Additionally, you can see the output data from each step in the business process by clicking on the step’s name in Steps tab.

Results page contains event logs for the whole business process and each of its steps. To view the log, click the icon

In there are errors in the event log, a user can see the whole error log by clicking the arrow on the blue field. The Hit ID is displayed in a separate column for quick reference.

In case the business process failed due to reasons not related to its configuration (external server not available, RPA node disconnect, etc.), you can try to repair it Actions > Repair.

Processing manual task

Open the Steps tab on the Results page to see if you have any pending manual tasks in the business process.

To process the manual task:

  1. Click on the name of the task. You will be redirected to the task's page.
  2. Open the Statistics tab
  3. Click Workspace link to open the task.
  4. Log in using your credentials.
  5. Accept the task.
  6. The page with the manual task will open. Provide the Answer for the task and click Submit. The data from the Answer will be sent to the next step in the business process, if there are any.
  7. Update the process's Results page - the status of the manual task and the business process will be updated.

Rerunning business process


If you want to run your Business Process once again, you need to copy it.

For more details refer to the video and the description below.

In order to run a business process again you need to:

  1. Copy the business process instance
  2. Select Include the input data to run it with the original input data.
  3. Run the Business Process or create a Schedule to start the execution at the specified time.

Importing/exporting business process

There is an option to import/export business processes to/from Control Tower.

To do this, you need to create a business process package:

  • Go to the business process page, open Packages tab, and click New Package button.
  • Add the title, description (if required), and click Save.

To save the package to your machine, click Download.

To import a created package to Control Tower:

  • go to Business processes, click Import package

  • click Add and select the archive with the business process package.

You can preview the business process package before importing it. If a business process with such name already exists on Control Tower, the system will suggest two options:

  1. Create a new version of the process and leave the existing one unchanged (default)
  2. Overwrite the existing business process.

After selecting the required option, click Import Package. The new business process will appear on the Business processes page.

To make a backup copy of all your business processes, refer to this section.

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