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Before installing RPA Express, make sure that:

  • Your PC meets system requirements.

    Note that free RAM mentioned in the system requirements is not the total amount of RAM.

  • Ports 15100, 15110, 15280 are opened for external usage inside your network, while ports 15410-15423, 15444, 15580, 15306 are closed to any external interaction. Also, make sure that none of these ports are used or blocked by other applications.
  • All unnecessary applications are closed to free up memory usage, if possible.

Installation Procedure

Follow RPA Express Installation Guide to install RPA Express. Please run the installation file As administrator.

In case the download doesn't start automatically or you want to install RPA Express on a PC without Internet access, use these links to download a full installation package.

To create multiple users, view instructions here.


In case of a successful installation, you should see the following message.

If you have any issues during the installation process, do as follows.

  1. Check our installation troubleshooting guide. Find the issue you have faced and follow the instruction to fix it.
  2. If it didn't help, collect the following information:
    1. RPA Express version and installation type

    2. Screenshot of your system properties

    3. Screenshot of the error you get
    4. Installation logs as described in the Installation logs article
  3. Send this information to our support team via with the issue description.
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