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We have launched a new documentation website. If you're using Enterpise Edition 10 (or higher) or Express/Business Edition 2.4.1 (or higher), visit this page.

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We have moved to a new documentation platform. This section is no longer supported. For the up-to-date information, see How to modify setup | Modify credentials.

Administrator Credentials

To modify Administrator credentials, follow the instruction below.

  1. Run IntelligentAutomationCloud.exe to enter Intelligent Automation Cloud – Express or Business – setup. You can enter the modification mode via Windows Settings too.

  2. Select Modify and click Next.
  3. Edit the credentials and click Modify.
  4. To start the modification process, accept a security prompt by clicking Yes.

    The User Account Control window appears in case the current Windows user does not have Administrator's privileges. User Access Control (UAC) is set to notify the user when applications try to make changes to a computer.

  5. If Intelligent Automation Cloud is running, the following message will appear. Click OK to continue.
  6. Wait until Intelligent Automation Cloud – Express or Business – is modified.
  7. Click Finish to exit.

After you have performed the steps above, go to WorkFusion Studio > Window > Preferences > Saved credentials to enter edits there. On finishing, click Apply and Close.

 See the settings

To learn more about changing Administrator credentials in the earlier versions of RPA Express, go to RPA Express Lumen Archive – Modifying Credentials.

Secure Storage Password

You need to enter the Secure Storage password for WorkFusion Studio. If you forgot to do it, you can reset the Secure Storage password as described below.

  1. Close WorkFusion Studio.
  2. Go to the folder C:\Users\<your_user_name>\.
  3. Find the folder named .eclipse and remove it.
  4. Start Intelligent Automation Cloud – Express or Business. It should ask you to enter a new password. Confirm the password and click OK.
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