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Deprecated since 2.3.0. For more information, refer to RPA Express 2.3.0 Release Notes. Partial functionality is available via Server Components.

The Platform Monitor application is used as a central monitoring dashboard, displaying a real-time view of the overall health of all the WorkFusion components.

To enter Platform Monitor, follow the instruction below.

  1. Select Platform Monitor in the tray menu.

    It may take up to a minute for Platform Monitor to start on machines with lack of free resources.

  2. The login page will open in your default browser. Enter the login and password specified during RPA Express installation and click Login.

    The same credentials are used to log in to Control Tower and File Storage.

    The Platform Monitor web interface allows to get all the details of the RPA Express components.

Using Platform Monitor, you can monitor the state of components, incidents, and alerts, as well as run a number of actions, and manage your bots.


To view information on the status of each component, proceed as follows.

  • On the Overview screen, click Components > View Details.

  • Or go to Environment Status > Components.

To view details, click the info icon next to the component you are interested in. For example, you can learn the number of pages left to be processed under the OCR license.


Before viewing the number of OCR pages, make sure you enabled OCR in the tray menu. Otherwise, the information will be unavailable.


To be able to timely fix any issues, it is vital to monitor any incidents within RPA Express.

  • On the Overview screen, click Incidents > View Details.

  • Or go to Environment Status > Incidents.

Information of each incident contains the incident time and description. A historical view provides an audit trail of prior incidents, serving as a reference point for troubleshooting any current issues.


Alerts are used to pay your attention to any events occurred.

  • On the Overview screen, click Alerts > View Details.

  • Or go to Monitoring > Alerts.

Alerts can be filtered by their status (success/failure), date and time, ID, and the number of issues registered. To view details in case of failure, click on the number of detected issues in issues.


With the help of Platform Monitor you can execute a number of commands, if for any reason they are not executed in the RPA Express tray menu and WorkFusion Studio.

  1. Select Command Board.

  2. Set the toggle button into the ON or OFF position depending on whether you want to enable or disable the action.

  3. Click Execute. The command will be executed the way it normally does when selected in the RPA Express tray menu/WorkFusion Studio.

Bot Manager

To view the number of your running bots and available RPA servers, go to Control Panel > Bot Manager.

Here, you can perform actions with your bots. 

  1. Select the bot from the list (if you have more than one bot running) and click on it.

    On clicking, you can view bot performance diagnostics, e.g., CPU load, disk space, physical memory and virtual memory usage.

    There are two entities to manage. These are Bot, or RPA node where the scripts actually run, and Bot Relay, or RPA hub that is the container for nodes.

  2. Click Actions and select the action to run.