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Get Started With RPA Express

Step 1: Get to know RPA Express

What is RPA Express?

Step 2: Installing RPA Express

RPA Express: Installation

Help articles:

Having issues with installation?

Step 3: Getting Started

RPA Express: Getting Started

Help Articles:

User Guide

Need more specific information on how to use RPA Express?

Examples Library

Want to start faster with automation?

Our Examples Library will help you to see automation in action. Download and run scripts that show bot execution in different automation scenarios.

Best Practices

Want to get the most out of your automation?

Best Practices provide recommendations on key activities related to the product usage. Based on internal knowledge and customers experience, we are collecting a set of articles to spread the practices across all users. Feel free to share your best practices with us on the forum.

Success Stories

Learn how other Automation enthusiasts use RPA Express to automate their everyday routine.

RPA Express has helped make workflows more efficient & employees happier. Meet Wilbert van Leeuwen - Robotics en Business Intelligence , co-founder of Peacock Insights & read their success story. 


Meet Tim Riewe of ANTITES , & learn how they've helped their client, GT ASESORÍA DE EMPRESAS , make the most of WorkFusion's RPA Express by overhauling major processes even while the software was still in beta.


Automation helps streamline processes & allows healthcare professionals to focus their attention & resources on the most important part of their job: patients. See how OneSquare Robotic Process Automation is currently implementing automation using RPA Express Pro for a large hospital. 


We’d love to know how RPA Express has helped you to automate processes or personal tasks. We want to know about how you accomplished small or big goals, what solutions you came up with and the challenges you overcame along the way. We will be happy to share your success story with our community as inspiration and motivation.

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For Enterprise Customers

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