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Available from May 15, 2018

Introducing RPA Express Pro Subscription

When installing RPA Express 2.0, all users get a free 30-day trial of RPA Express pro features.
Users are notified about the number of trial days left and the expiration of the trial in RPA Express tray menu and in the Control Tower.

When the trial expires, the user can choose to either purchase a pro subscription or continue using the free version of the product.

RPA Express pro subscription for 12 months includes:

  • 10000 OCR pages
  • Multiple users that can publish scripts to the server Control Tower
  • Multiple bots running concurrently on the same machine
  • Access to advanced RPA certification in Automation Academy

In case the user doesn't purchase the pro subscription after the trial expires, they can no longer connect to the Control Tower from remote machines and get limited to one bot per machine. 


Object Recorder + Inspector

RPA Express 2.0 provides a new capability for creating automation of Windows desktop applications – object recording. The capability allows using properties of application controls to capture and playback mouse clicks on the buttons, edit fields and other objects of application user interface. Object recording is more reliable approach as it does not depend on color schemes, screen resolution and other Windows GUI settings, which may affect Bots created with the surface based capability.

Inspector, a built-in tool, allows exploring properties of controls to help creating unique sets of property values to tell Bot exactly what element of desktop application should be clicked at one or another step.

For more information refer to Inspector section.


Code is a perspective of WorkFusion Studio providing IDE for Bot developers to create Bots using programming languages. Code is giving a chance to developers to implement more sophisticated solutions on RPA Express platform.

Mouse Click

Mouse Click Action of RPA Recorder now supports capturing and defining clicks on Windows desktop application controls such as buttons, drop-down boxes or text fields. An object for mouse click is defined using object's properties, for example Class or Name. 


The counter for pages processed by OCR is implemented in Platform Monitor.


Control Tower

User Management

Control Tower allows now to create multiple users to edit and run Bots, monitor the execution process and analyze the results depending on different user roles.

More information you can find in User Management section.

Bot Sources

The Bot Sources capability enables more control under the Bot execution through the extended parameter set.

More information you can find in Bot Sources section.


RPA Express 2.0 offers a new way to get the application installer via RPA Express Downloader and few deployment options for Server, Workstation or All-In-One solution depending on the license type.


Under the trial license and with Pro Subscription RPA Express can be installed as a distributed system with the centralized Application Server including a number of Bots, and several Workstation connected to Server to develop and deploy Bots to common Control Tower.

When the trial license expires, RPA Express is still available under the free license as the Server+Workstation solution with a single Bot.

For more information refere to RPA Express Installation section.


Starting from RPA Express 2.0 the update procedure does not require uninstalling the previous version manually. All it takes is just running RPA Express Downloader to get a new version and update the current installation.


This option will only work if you update from RPA Express 2.0 to a newer build of RPA Express 2.0. If your current version of RPA Express is older than 2.0, follow the update process described here.

Bug Fixes


  • The issue when OCR adds some junk symbols to the resulting string of text recognition has been fixed.

Known Issues

  • Sporadic crash of Inspector causing WorkFusion Studio crash.

  • Inspector highlights elements from the second attempt.
  • OCR fails when executed from the Code perspective.
  • Sample Business Processes are not imported.
  • Inspector crashes sporadically while inspecting Outlook or Excel.
  • Unstable playback of Enter Keystrokes actions.
  • Platform Monitor displays the error in OCR status (Server installation type).
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