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Available from January 2, 2019

Compatible with SPA 9.2

Make sure your Studio scripts are ready for migration to RPA Express 2.2.0 before updating. For details, see Keyboard Action.

Control Tower

Administrator user has a specific View Secrets Vault Entries permission in RPA Express installation, enabling them to view all Secrets Vault content (alias, key, value).

The values of Secret variables are not visible in the business process results.

WorkFusion Studio

Studio enhancements aim for a more stable and convenient experience for both business users and developers. Object recording improvements cover more cases from user feedback, including several improvements when inspecting/recording in Windows (cmd, Start Menu components, Calculator) and a number of applications (Excel, Outlook, SwingSet, Total Commander).

To avoid possible confusion, disabled actions with no functionality were removed from the Actions Library. See more in Actions Library for WorkFusion Studio.

Excel Automation

Excel actions were improved, thus broadening the capabilities of Excel scripts execution.

  •  Excel actions (Get cell value, Get row, Get column, Get range) are enabled to work for calculated values (formulas).
  • Numeric value can be set into an Excel cell in Number format.
  • Fixed number variables for Excel actions are parsed in Big Decimal format (not in Scientific as before).

Read more about Excel automation.

Keyboard Action

To make keyboard performance more stable, the Keyboard action logic has been changed.

  • It is required to switch to the window you need to type the text before typing. With the help of the Window action, a bot switches to the specified window and ignores any random popups.
  • When typing in the web, we highly recommend to use the Window action before Switch to browser, as this moves the focus from a desktop application to a browser window, thus allowing keystrokes to work in the browser. Mind that the Switch to browser action is used only if the Open Website action has already been added to the flow.
  • If using Windows global shortcuts, e.g., 'Win + R', 'Win + S', etc, it is required to switch to the Windows Desktop window (Program Manager) beforehand. Use the Window action and then specify a needed key combination via Enter Keystrokes.

Make sure that the Enter Keystrokes actions are nested underneath the actions they belong to.


Inspector was improved for more effective work by simplifying the properties and values of the target objects and accelerating the exploring processes.

  • Inspector supports collections of selectors corresponding to the search criteria. The feature is especially useful when inspecting similar elements in tables or lists for further automation. The Selector field now has Back "<" and Forward ">" arrows to switch between elements and choose the required selector.
  • Inspector guarantees selector uniqueness to ensure the selected UI control is clicked during the script execution. When selecting the element, the user explicitly sees its unique selector with a "1 of 1" match.
  • CSS selector is introduced as the briefest and most clearly expressed one. The Type filter enables the user to choose between either an Object or a CSS selector. When selecting the needed type, the selector string is rebuilt to match the given notation.
  • In case an "Access denied" error is detected (for example, a process is run under the Admin permissions), the user is notified to either run Inspector as Administrator or disable the user account control to continue inspecting the selected application.

Be careful with selectors related to UI controls of Office 365 applications. After Microsoft software updates, attribute values may change, and selectors previously used in your scripts will not be unique or stop working at all. To be on the safe side, reinspect or use Recorder for Excel actions and other Office 365 related actions. See more in Inspector.

Bug Fixes

  • Driver processes are closed on session shutdown.

  • closeAllAnotherWindows closes all windows.
  • getDriverLogs fails on all log types.
  • An error occurs when sending `null` to the clipboard.
  • Incorrect log to pressEnter() method (node logs).
  • UiElement.getRect(); does not work in Chrome.
  • The path to the RPA install directory is hardcoded in services' files.
  • selectAllTextAndCopy() method does not work in cmd.
  • UIConditions methods do not work.
  • sendKeys(CharSequence... charSequence) does not work properly.
  • element.pressSpace() does not work for Firefox.
  • Get source of page is broken.
  • Chrome driver cannot perform clear() operation when setting value.
  • Element condition cannot be checked.
  • matchRegexp always returns true.
  • Library versions are different in Control Tower, Nexus, WorkFusion Studio.
  • Imported bot task cannot be pushed back to Control Tower.
  • "Show this window" checkbox doesn't work if welcome page was closed.
  • BadPositionCategoryException occurs while templates formatting.
  • Templates are not added correctly.
  • NPE when saved credentials tab opened.
  • A bot task cannot be launched in BCB project.
  • On importing MCB project as existing project without target/.metadata folder into WF Studio, configs cannot be opened.
  • Groovy code is invalid after export to bot task.
  • Actual version is not displayed in UI.
  • Syntax highlighting is broken after two closing squared brackets.
  • Unable to navigate to the error line after exception.
  • Custom Action is executed at the end of the workflow in exported bot task.
  • Validation text "Selenium server URL" is not valid.
  • Bot task doesn't work with robotics-flow plugin.
  • Inspector cannot connect to SwingSet applet.
  • Components in Java Applets dropdowns are not displayed in Inspector.
  • SwingSet menu components are highlighted incorrectly in Inspector.
  • Outlook trees have non-unique selectors.
  • Unique instance is not generated.
  • Table cell coordinates enumeration is broken.
  • Inspector freezes when connecting to a non-responding process.
  • Drag and drop fails in actions flow for web automation.
  • Some mouse actions don't work in browsers.
  • If-Else condition works incorrectly with decimal numbers.
  • Recorder records incorrect Keystrokes by RDP connection.
  • Get row > last row action doesn't search last row which has values.
  • Actions are not recorded after resume.
  • Recorder playback window shows incorrect digits.
  • String + string doesn't work in expression.
  • Bot doesn't click in Calculator.
  • Bot cannot click in Start Menu components.
  • Bot cannot click in File menu level 2 in Notepad++.
  • Bot doesn't type in cmd.
  • Global timeout is not used for Window action.

Known Issues

  • Node crashes when clicking the icon on ShellTray.
  • Recorder records empty keystrokes and incorrect clicks in RDP.
  • Outlook Calendar crashes with Inspector is connected to its window.
  • ComboBox menu cannot be found when playing a recording in Studio installed and configured to work with RPA Grid.
  • Bot fails to execute click actions while playing the recorded click(s) in the Address Book ComboBox when choosing the recipient in Outlook.
  • Click doesn't execute the IE Close button.
  • Recorder detects keyboard layout for SwingSet Applet incorrectly.
  • Recorder doesn't record first keystroke event in RDP.
  • Bot cannot ensure that Citrix client is switched to the required locale.
  • Recorder doesn't record any actions in VMWare.
  • Chinese and Japanese symbols are typed as "???" in Citrix.
  • The highlight remains after closing the inspected window.
  • Slow clicks are observed after switching to an element or app from Excel.
  • Inspector doesn't highlight Sheet Tabs in Excel separately.
  • Exceptions for Content Assist in specific cases are detected when scripting in the Code perspective.
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