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Available from April 24, 2019

Compatible with SPA 9.3 or higher

The video contains a short overview of main improvements available in RPA Express 2.3.0. For the full list of new features, see their description below the video.

SAP GUI Desktop Automation

SAP has ~425,000 customers in 180 countries, including 92% of Forbes Global 2000, making it one of the most popular enterprise digital ecosystems. Now, WorkFusion offers full SAP automation, adding SAP GUI desktop automation to the experience of automating web and back-end applications.

Previously, digging into server API and custom ABAP coding were complicated and required a lot of technical knowledge, thus increasing automation costs. WorkFusion Bots provided fully featured web automation, while manipulations in the SAP GUI client were limited and based mainly on using keystrokes, clicks on coordinates, OCR, etc.

Genuine SAP GUI desktop automation introduced in the release is intuitive and aimed at business users, with a new SAP connector making interaction with the desktop client more robust.

The approach is the same as when automating a standard desktop application, such as Excel. A WorkFusion Bot sees the SAP GUI internal structure as any other Windows application, so that it is possible to record workflows, inspect elements and execute scripts. To start automating, all that is needed is to enable scripting for the desktop client and server.

Traditional SAP GUI screens have plenty of controls. A set of essential controls — for example: ALV grids, tabs, column trees, etc. — explored with the help of SAP experts and customers can be used in the majority of automation use cases.

Watch our video to learn more.


  • Licensing models have been changed, with each licensing type having specific functional features.
    • RPA Express Starter is a completely free product for individual use only, with no trial period, no license generated, and less system requirements. Within the licensing model, WorkFusion Studio is installed together with OCR and RPA components, no access to Control Tower and WorkSpace is provided.

    • RPA Express Pro Business includes the whole set of server components together with WorkFusion Studio, thus enabling users to automate complex use cases, manage multiple bots, and run automation unattended at scale. The 30-day trial starts with a license being generated. After the trial period expires, a user can either subscribe and use RPA Express Pro Business, as a fully-featured enterprise product, or continue working in Control Tower with the limited features.

  • To reflect changes in licensing, installation types have been modified accordingly. Now, two types of installation are available:
    • Development Workstation (Free) — installation of WorkFusion Studio, OCR and RPA components, allowing users to try RPA Express features.
    • Development Workstation and Server (Free + Premium Features) — installation of WorkFusion Studio and all server components used to manage multiple bots, implement complex automation scenarios, and boost business productivity.

  • The Server installation type has been removed from available installation options. To learn more about a new installation procedure, refer to our RPA Express Installation guide.

Mind that to continue using Control Tower, WorkSpace, and File Storage after the update, you have to download the RPA Express Pro Business installer and use it to update.

Access to Server Components

  • The tray menu with server components has been disabled. Upon clicking on the RPA Express icon in the system tray, you will open instructions on how to find the server components now.

  • Server components are enabled with one button in WorkFusion Studio. On the Components tab, you can start the server, access Control Tower, WorkSpace, and File Storage, view information on the number of bots, available OCR pages, and your license validity. Refer to Enable Server Components to learn more.

Platform Monitor Removal

  • Due to removing Platform Monitor for both installation types, the installer size has been reduced by 170 MB (8%), and the required disk space reduced by 1.5 GB (15%).
  • The number of available bots is displayed on the Enable Server Components tab in WorkFusion Studio, in case server components are started.
  • The ability to add or remove packages is available in the modification mode. To add server components in case of the Development Workstation installation type, select the Modify option and change RPA Express setup.


The release provides a new OCR license valid from April 23, 2019 till August 1, 2019. The license includes 1,000 OCR pages.

The previous OCR license available in versions 2.2.1 to 2.2.3 expires on April 23, 2019. To apply a new license, run the update for RPA Express 2.3.0.


  • The focus option in Inspector enables opening invisible (expandable) UI elements, which is especially helpful when automating complex UI trees, tabs and grids.

    Upon expanding, you can view a hidden element together with its unique selector.
  • Now, XPaths can be used to locate elements in desktop applications. An XPath type has been added to the existing Object and CSS selectors within the Type menu. 
  • A new feature makes it possible to create custom window selectors and assess them against all open windows. To find a needed window, enter its selector into the search field that works the same way as it does for any UI control. To learn more about new features, refer to Inspector.

WorkFusion Studio

  • In case of fresh installation of RPA Express, the first launch of WorkFusion Studio enables you to set a master password for the secure storage where sensitive user data, including information on server profiles, are stored.

    Mind that the password you enter here is not the same password you specified for Administrator credentials when installing RPA Express. In fact, you may invent any master password you like.

    Remember your master password, as you will be asked to enter it each time WorkFusion Studio launches.

    In case you update your RPA Express (not install it anew), you will not be asked to enter the master password. The secure storage settings from the previous RPA Express version will be applied automatically.

  • A new advanced mode within the Window action lets you specify a window selector acquired from Inspector. Insert a needed attribute, or open Inspector directly on the action screen to define a target window selector. To learn more, refer to Application in Actions Library.
  • For scripts requiring typing onscreen to work smoothly, an option to type in any window without explicit switching is introduced.

    The parameter is applied on playback or export to a Bot Task, Groovy script, or Control Tower. 

  • Two more script examples have been added to the WorkFusion Studio welcome page for you to include into your scripts and make web automation smoother and easier.
    • The table scraping example demonstrates how to to grab information from web tables, create Excel files, and save tables.
    • The translation example shows how to get a list of words from a spreadsheet, translate them online in Google Translate, and save the output back to the spreadsheet.

      Refer to our Best Practices that provide recommendations on key activities related to RPA Express WorkFusion Studio usage. We are collecting a set of articles to spread the practices across all users. Feel free to suggest yours by creating a Forum topic with the tag "how-to" in order for us to add it to the collection.


Rotated logs are added to a separate folder in order for all the main logs to be rotated regardless of names or extension, and also for you to find your main logs quickly.

Bug Fixes

  • A secret entry value is shown on Control Tower UI.
  • In the modification mode, the recommended number of bots is displayed instead of the current number of bots.
  • The text about the tray menu is displayed in the modification mode, as well as for installation and update screens.

If you have any question about or issues with using his version, let us know in this post of WorkFusion Forum.

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