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We have moved to a new documentation platform. This section is no longer supported. For the up-to-date information, see SAP GUI supported controls.

The SAP GUI desktop client internal structure is seen as any other Windows application. SAP GUI is automated using the Inspector tool, which is available in WorkFusion Studio.

In the table below, we collected SAP UI controls that a WorkFusion Bot can interact with and their typical selectors (here Object selectors).

UI ControlSelector

Tool bar

  • Tool bar – [CLASS:GuiToolbar;NAME:tbar[1]]
  • Tool bar button – [CLASS:GuiButton;NAME:btn[17]]

Title bar


Status bar

  • Status bar – [CLASS:GuiStatusbar]
  • Status bar message – [CLASS:GuiStatusPane;NAME:pane[0]]

Checkbox button


Push button


Radio button



[CLASS:GuiLabel;TEXT:Vessel ID is;INSTANCE:3]

Text field


Text field with search help


Ok code field




ALV grid (fullscreen)


ALV grid (embedded)

  • Grid cell– [CLASS:Normal;NAME:PRICE:3]
  • Grid button – [CLASS:Button;INSTANCE:30]

ALV list


ALV hierarchical list


Table control

[CLASS:GuiTextField;NAME:Column 1:1]

Easy tree


List tree


Column tree


Tabstrip control

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