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Available from RPA Express 2.1.0.

Secrets Vault is a component in WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud designed for storing sensitive information.

The data stored in Secrets Vault isn't shown in recordings, logs, system files or bot configs. It allows sharing scripts with other users without exposing confidential data.

To use Secrets Vault, go to Window > Preferences > WorkFusion Studio > Secrets Vault.

Adding Entries

To add an entry to the Secrets Vault, do as follows.

  1. Press Add.
  2. Insert Alias, Key, and Value. The changes are saved automatically.

    1. Alias serves to distinguish secret entries and must be unique as it will be used in recordings.
    2. Key and Value are designed to save login and password information, respectively.

      If you need to save only one secure data record, you can save it in either the Key or Value field at your choice and leave the other one empty.

The data in the Key and Value fields is encrypted, and you cannot view it when opening Secrets Vault, or editing the entry.

Editing and Deleting Entries

To edit an entry, click on the field you want to edit and insert the new data. The changes are saved automatically.

To delete an existing entry, click on the entry and press Remove.

The changes made to secret entries are not automatically reflected for recorder variables. You have to update the values in recorder variables manually.

Using Entries in Recordings

After creating an entry in Secrets Vault, you can use the Key and Value data in your recordings.

To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. In Recorder Variables, create a recorder variable of the Secret type.
  2. Select the required entry in the Default Value field. In the variables panel, the entries are represented as Alias – KEY and Alias – VALUE, no actual data is displayed.
  3. If there is currently no record you need in Secrets Vault, click the Add Secret Entry link to add a new entry as described above.

The video below shows how to use Secrets Vault entries in your recordings.

Using Entries in Control Tower

To use secret entries in your business processes in Control Tower, you need to create the same Secret entries in Control Tower Secrets Vault.

To learn more about using Control Tower Secrets Vault, refer to Secrets Vault in Control Tower.

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