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We have launched a new documentation website. If you're using Enterpise Edition 10 (or higher) or Express/Business Edition 2.4.1 (or higher), visit this page.

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We have moved to a new documentation platform. This section is no longer supported. For the up-to-date information, see Secrets Vault in WorkFusion Studio.

Create secret entries

To set up secret entries, go to Window > Preferences > WorkFusion Studio > Secrets Vault. For more information, refer to Preferences.

The data stored in Secrets Vault is not shown in recordings, logs, system files, or bot configs. It allows sharing scripts with other users without exposing confidential data.

If you have Business Edition and plan to use your secret entries in Control Tower, mind certain limitations when creating a new entry:

  • The following combination is not saved: !#!.
  • When importing the list of secret entries, (\) symbol is not recognized.

Thus, do not use these characters in your secret entries.

Use secret entries in recordings

After creating a secret entry in Secrets Vault, you can use the Key and Value data in your recordings.

  1. In Recorder Variables, create a recorder variable of the Secret type.
  2. Select the required entry in the Default Value field. In the variables panel, the entries are represented as Alias – KEY and Alias – VALUE, no actual data is displayed.
  3. If currently there is no record you need in Secrets Vault, click Add Secret Entry at the bottom of the list. To learn more how to add a secret entry, see here.

The video below shows how to use secret entries in your recordings.

Business Edition allows to use secret entries in your business processes in Control Tower. To learn more, refer to Secrets Vault in Control Tower.

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