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We have moved to a new documentation platform. This section is no longer supported. For the up-to-date information, see System requirements.

General tips

  • Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements and all the preconditions are fulfilled.
  • Make sure you have Administrator permissions to install all required components.
  • A Solid State Drive (SSD) will make things faster.

General System Requirements

The below hardware enables you to install Intelligent Automation Cloud Express – Express Business – and run 1 bot concurrently.

TypeInstallation TypeOSOS TypeCPURAMDisk Space
Express EditionDevelopment Workstation

Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Windows Server: 2012, 2012 R2, 2016

64 bit2 cores at 2.8 GHz

Minimum 4 GB of free memory

(8 GB recommended)

5.3 GB
Business EditionDevelopment Workstation2 cores at 2.8 GHz

Minimum 4 GB of free memory

(8 GB recommended)

5.3 GB

Development Workstation + Server

with 1 bot on the Server

4 cores at 2.8 GHz

Minimum 8 GB of free memory

(16 GB recommended)

8.5 GB

Development Workstation + Server

with 2 and more bots on the Server

Windows Server: 2012, 2012 R2, 2016

Minimum 4 cores at 2.8 GHz

Minimum 10 GB of free memory

(16 GB recommended)

+ 2 GB for each additional bot

(see details below)

8.5 GB*

* That is a minimum disk space to install. Mind that the more bot tasks you build, the more disk space you need. 

To run multiple concurrent bots, you need*:

  • Windows Server: 2012, 2012 R2 or 2016
  • 1 CPU and 2 GB RAM per each bot:
    • E.g., if you want to run 4 bots under the Server + Workstation installation type, you need at least 7 CPU at 2.8 GHz and 14 GB RAM
    • The needed CPU is a combination of your total physical and virtual cores
  • You may need RDS CAL per each bot. Refer to RDS Licensing for Multiple Bots for more details

* To ensure smooth performance, we recommend running no more than 16 bots per Windows Server concurrently.

Refer to the Deployment Diagrams to get more details about possible options.

Calculation Chart

Number of BotsRecommended CPU
(physical or virtual)
Recommended RAM
(of free memory)
Disk SpaceOS Type
14 cores at 2.8 GHZ8 GB8 GB64 bit
24 cores at 2.8 GHZ
10 GB
38 cores at 2.8 GHZ
12 GB
48 cores at 2.8 GHZ
14 GB
58 cores at 2.8 GHZ16 GB
68 cores at 2.8 GHZ
18 GB
78 cores at 2.8 GHZ
20 GB
88 cores at 2.8 GHZ
22 GB
98 cores at 2.8 GHZ
24 GB
108 cores at 2.8 GHZ
26 GB
1116 cores at 2.8 GHZ
28 GB
1216 cores at 2.8 GHZ
30 GB
1316 cores at 2.8 GHZ32 GB
1416 cores at 2.8 GHZ
34 GB
1516 cores at 2.8 GHZ
36 GB
1616 cores at 2.8 GHZ
38 GB

The number of cores in your CPU depends on the actual number of applications used by each bot. Thus, in case of low load, 16 bots can run on 4 cores (CPU).

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