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Helpful info

  • Refer to User Guide for the documentation on Intelligent Automation Cloud Express/Business.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel to view short practical videos that will improve your automation skills.

Getting Started

Installing Intelligent Automation Cloud

Installation on Single Machine

Learn how to install all Intelligent Automation Cloud Express/Business on a single machine.

See guide >>

Installation on Network of Machines

Learn how to install Intelligent Automation Cloud Business on a network of machines for team collaboration.

See guide >>

Getting Started with WorkFusion Studio

WorkFusion Studio Quick Start

Learn how to start using WorkFusion Studio to create automation scripts.

See guide >>


WorkFusion Studio

Learn about WorkFusion Studio components: Recorder, Code Perspective, Preferences.

See guide >>

RPA Recorder UI and Features

Learn about RPA Recorder to capture your actions on the screen.

See guide >>

File Storage

To simulate the use of an S3 storage in your business processes, Intelligent Automation Cloud Express/Business offers a local S3 File Storage, which is installed and configured on your machine during the application setup.

See guide >>

Control Tower

The Control Tower application allows users to create business processes and combine bot tasks into complicated workflows.

See guide >>

Other Components

The video covers a range of topics: OCR, Online Help, How to Send Report.

RPA Recorder Actions

Surface-based Automation

Troubleshooting Your Recording

Learn what types of errors you can face when using Recorder and how to fix them.

Mouse and Keystrokes Actions

Learn how to use basic image automation using mouse and image editing actions.

See guide >>


Learn how to use OCR actions to extract text from images, PDF files, and other sources.

See guide >>

Desktop Automation

Applications Actions

Learn how to open applications and work with the application windows in this section.

See guide >>

Object Recording

Learn how to automate your desktop applications using clicks on Window controls.

See guide >>

Object Inspecting

Learn how to inspect UI elements of your desktop applications using the built-in Inspector tool.

See guide >>

Web Automation

Web Actions

Learn about automating websites and wen applications using Web actions.

See guide >>

Using Xpaths

Learn how to get web elements' Xpaths for efficient web automation.

See guide >>

Other Actions and Features


Learn about types of recorder variables available and how to use them.

See guide >>

For Each Loop

See how to use Loops to make your recording more robust.

See guide >>

While Loop

Learn how to use the While action to implement a loop in your recording.

See guide >>

Exception Handling

Learn how to use make your recording more stable with the Exception Handling action.

See guide >>

Excel Actions

Learn how to automate Excel with Intelligent Automation Cloud.

See guide >>

Coding in WorkFusion Studio

Custom Actions

Learn how to create Custom Actions in RPA Recorder.

See guide >>

Code Perspective

See how to create bot tasks in WorkFusion Studio using Groovy.

Control Tower

Running Recording from WorkFusion Control Tower

Once you are done creating your RPA bot, you can publish, schedule, and manage it from WorkFusion Control Tower.

See guide >>

Connecting Bot Steps in Business Process

Learn how to combine published recordings, insert manual tasks and rules in a business process, and execute it.

See guide >>

Using Loops in Control Tower

Learn about two approaches of implementing loops in a business process: using input data and using the Loop recorder action.

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