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We have moved to a new documentation platform. This section is no longer supported. For the up-to-date information, see User management.

The User Management tab lists all the current users in the system and provides access to all user management functions.

To access it, go to System Settings > User Management.

Adding / Editing User

  1. Click Create User (or the appropriate link in the Username column to edit). The following screen is displayed.
  2. Set all the required user properties, e.g., username, password, first name, last name, email.

    Username policy

    Username policy:

    • Username should be from 5 to 20 characters long.
    • Username should contain Latin letters and digits.
    • Username should not contain special symbols.

    Password policy

    Password policy:

    • Password should not contain the username.
    • Passwords should be longer than 6 characters.
    • Password should not contain 2 or more adjacent repetitive characters.
    • Password should contain at least 1 numeric character, 1 character in lower case, and 1 character in upper case.
    • Password should not contain any special characters.
    • Password should differ from any of 6 previous passwords.
  3. Check the box to enable the user or uncheck to disable.
  4. Set a role in the User Role menu. Available roles are Administrator, Developer, Operator.

  5. Click Save.

Control Tower Roles with Permissions

Each WorkFusion user must have one role assigned to him or her in the system. See the list of roles with permissions in the table below.

Permissions forActionsAdministratorDeveloperOperator
Manual Tasks 

Business Processes

View results(tick)(tick)(tick)
Generate snapshot(tick)(tick)(tick)
Manage Bot Configurations(tick)(tick)
Make deep copy(tick)(tick)

View/Import packages

Import/export event logs(tick)(tick)(tick)

Data StoresView(tick)(tick)(tick)
Secrets Vault

View aliases(tick)(tick)(tick)
Create entries(tick)(tick)(tick)
Edit entries(tick)

Delete entries(tick)

System SettingsManage Bot Sources(tick)(tick)
Manage users(tick)

User Settings

Edit account details(tick)(tick)(tick)
Activate license(tick)(tick)(tick)
Backup all(tick)(tick)(tick)
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