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Example Overview

Problem Statement

There is a lot of information on the Internet on various websites that can be useful for business needs like information about stock prices, currency rates, or specific news. Business requires this information to make decisions or to use it in daily work. In most cases, gathering data occurs manually or via some files that are stored in FTP or some shared source. Manual work takes a lot of efforts in case of big data volume, because repeated actions are needed to be done many times. Getting files from FTP requires specific access and asking for it takes time and additional actions from IT department side. These disadvantages can be resolved using an Intelligent Automation Cloud script.

Existing Manual Process

Usually employee should go to an appropriate source and copy-paste required data so much as it's required. Depending from how much data is on webpage, it can take from 10-15 seconds till hours. 

Automation Solution

Our example allows to collect press releases from the U.S. Securities and Exchange commissions site for the latest seven days without any manual intervention. You just start it, and a bot will do all the necessary actions by itself. As a result, you will receive a file with the links to press releases to your email. One more option allows to apply re-usable components of the script in your own scripts without any modifications.

Example Overview Video

See the video showing how our bot works.

Installation and Getting Started

  1. Install Intelligent Automation Cloud – Express or Business.

  2. Download an example with an Excel template.

  3. Add the example to your WorkFusion Studio as described here.

  4. Copy the Excel template press_releases.xlsx to any appropriate folder and edit the following variables:

    1. file_path – the path to the Excel template file

    2. user_email – the email address where the result list is sent to

  5. Make sure that your Outlook account is configured to send emails.

Download Example

In this example

3 REUSABLE components

  • Calculate period 

  • Send email with attachment via Outlook

  • Close Outlook


Install to your PC: 

  • WorkFusion Studio (Intelligent Automation Cloud – Express or Business)
  • Any of these browsers: Google Chrome, FireFox, or Internet Explorer
  • MS Excel (version doesn't matter)
  • MS Outlook (version doesn't matter). Email account should be configured and logged in providing a bot with the option to send emails

Example Workflow

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