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We have moved to a new documentation platform. This section is no longer supported. For the up-to-date information, see WorkSpace user guide.

The guide below describes basic steps on how to work with WorkSpace, that is an application used for decision-making when processing manual tasks created in Control Tower.

To view full functionality WorkSpace provides for Enterprise Edition users, see here.

On running a business process that contains a manual task, as soon as it comes to the manual task, it is transferred to WorkSpace, where you accept it, process, and submit the answer, so that the bot can continue the work based on your decision.

Thus, WorkSpace serves as a web platform, for you to:

Getting Started

To get to WorkSpace from WorkFusion Studio, do as follows.

  1. Go to the Enable Server Components tab and click the WorkSpace link.
  2. Log in using your credentials you have specified during installation.

As soon as you are logged in, you can either view your statistics, or get to work with manual tasks in case there are any.

Viewing Statistics

The Dashboard tab is by default the first screen displayed when you have logged in to WorkSpace. It contains a summary of significant events associated with your user profile.

Active Tasks

The Active Tasks section displays the tasks you are currently working on. These are the tasks that you have accepted but have not submitted yet, thus they can be revisited (until they expire).

You can keep track of active tasks by using the Time left field which is dynamically calculated based on the expiration time set for the task.


WorkSpace accumulates statistics based on the tasks you have accepted and submitted. Dashboard lists the total amount of hours worked and the total number of tasks.

You can filter your statistics based on the time period that best suits your needs. To set the way your statistical data is filtered, click the appropriate filter button (All, Last 24 hours, Last week, Last 30 days, Past month).

Processing Tasks

The Tasks tab contains your scope of tasks to be processed. Use the search field to filter your tasks. The field accepts keywords as well as more advanced search terms.

Within the Select Category section, you can select a category where your tasks are grouped. To view the tasks related to any of the categories, click on the specific category below.

Under the selected category, the task groups together with the total number of tasks to be processed will be displayed.

The general procedure of working with tasks is as follows.

  • Accept the task.
  • Carefully read the task instructions and start working on it. Watch the timer to complete the task in time.
  • Submit the task when you are done.

Accepting Tasks

Let's see the whole procedure from the very beginning. As soon as you run your business process in Control Tower and the turn comes to a manual task within it, it's time to check WorkSpace.

Click on the task group name to view detailed information.

To continue working on the task, you should accept it.

  • Either click the View dropdown and select Accept.
  • Or click the View button and select Accept on the screen that follows.

Click the Automatically accept the next task checkbox, to accept all tasks and have them load automatically after you submit your answer. All accepted tasks are displayed on your Dashboard as Active Tasks

Executing Tasks

  • As soon as you have accepted the task, the task timer starts. On the Dashboard tab, watch the timer to complete the task in time. If you cannot complete a task (lack of time, the task is too complicated, problems with Internet, etc.), click the Return button in the upper right corner. It is better to return a task than to submit wrong or incomplete answers.

  • Carefully read the task instructions. You can expand or collapse the instructions section by using the Click to show/hide instructions link.

  • Process the tasks one by one in the queue.

    You have an option to Skip a task by clicking on the appropriate button. In that case, the task will not be available for some time, though you will be able to accept other tasks in the same task group.

The progress status is displayed in Control Tower too.

Submitting Tasks

On having provided all the required task answers, check yourself, and click the Submit button in the bottom left corner. You can check your statistics of approved and rejected tasks on the Dashboard tab.

As soon as you finish with all the tasks in the queue, you will see the following messages.

Changing Profile Settings

The user profile menu enables you to edit your profile information and log out. To access your user profile, select My Profile from the user profile menu in the upper right corner.

To specify or edit your profile information, do as follows.

  1. Enter your data in the appropriate input fields.
  2. Click the Update button at the bottom.

Your profile page contains both read-only and input fields.

  • Read-only fields:
    • Your ID
    • Profile Name
  • Input fields:
    • Email  the email address used for notifications and authorization
    • Name
    • Last Name
    • Organization
    • Time Zone
    • Locale – WorkSpace UI language – you can select either English, Spanish, or Japanese

      Available from WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud – Express and Business 2.4.0.

    • Current PasswordNew PasswordRepeat New Password

      To change your password, you must enter your current password together with a new one, and repeat the new password to confirm.

    • Receive email notifications (optional)
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