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Wait actions are intended for pausing bot execution for a defined period of time and for searching images on user screen. These actions are not recorded automatically – you . You need to drag them from the Actions Library to the Actions Flow while editing a recording.

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This The action pauses the bot execution for a specified amount of time, then automatically resumes.

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Wait for Image

This The action performs a search for a defined image on the current screen and puts the search result into a boolean variable:. The values are as follows.

  • true – if the image was found on the current screen
  • false – if the image was NOT found on the current screen
titleUse case


While automating a web






the Wait for Image


 action to wait for an element to appear (button, link, image) before interacting with it.

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  • Image to findspecify specifies the image to look for.
  • Wait up tospecify how long defines the period to wait for an the image to appear.
  • Save outcome to variable – the value will be true if is true if the image was found, and false if it was not foundand false if not.