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  1. Select Window control in Target.

  2. Enter a selector for your application control.

    1. Use the Capture from screen option (1) and click the desired window control in the application (2). The selector is automatically entered into the Selector field (3).


      There are cases when you need to click a control without the selector being assigned to the element, e.g., to explore other application options or switch to another application. Use the black menu as a prompt.

      1. To click the control without its selector being selected, use the left mouse click + Ctrl.
      2. To cancel capturing, press Esc.

    2. Use a built-in RPA Express tool called Use Inspector to view and select properties of you application objects. For more details, refer to the Inspector section.


titleSee the sample

In this sample we will use RPA Express Edition to open Wikipedia, search for RPA, and open the page referred to Robotic Process Automation.



Recorder Action



Open the website.

Open Website

Site URL



Enter text to search for.

Web Element

  1. Mode: Set value
  2. Input: ${text_to_search} = RPA
  3. Options → XPath of the element: //input[@id="searchInput"]


Start search.

Enter keystrokes

  1. Mode: Key combination
  2. Input: ENTER


Click the link in the search results to go to the page.

Click Mouse

  • Target
    • Web element
    • Find element by Text
    • Text to find: Robotic Process Automation
    • Select Exact match
    • Select Search for links only
  • Options
    • Button: Left button
    • Type: Single click


Play the recording to make sure, that all data are entered correctly and the Robotic Process Automation page opens. 

You can download sample recording for further tests.


The recording was made with RPA Express