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Table of Contents

This page contains example examples of scripts that show bot execution in different automation scenarios.

To use the bots below in your local :
titleHow to import a Bot in WorkFusion Studio
bot in WorkFusion Studio
  1. Download and unzip the bot.
  2. Copy the folder with the bot to your workspace (by default: C:\Users\username\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project).
  3. Open WorkFusion Studio and refresh the Media Files tab (Right click - > Refresh) - for the bot folder with the bot will appear on to appear in the list.
  4. Open the folder and double-click on the .rpae file to open the Bot
Note: you
  1. bot. For more details, refer to Adding Recording.


You might need to change details in some actions so the that bots will work on your machine. These are as follows:

  • paths to files and folders used by the a bot
  • paths to applications' .exe files
  • titles of some Windowswindows
  • images

Web Automation

#TitleDescriptionMain ActionsComplexityQuick Links
1TranslationThe bot gets a list of English words/phrases from a spreadsheet, translates them into Spanish online in Google Translate, and saves the translated words/phrases back to the spreadsheet.(star)DOWNLOAD
2Craigslist searchThe bot conducts a search on Craigslist and saves the top results to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)


3Negative news searchThe bot searches for negative news about a company using a set of keywords and saves results to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)DOWNLOAD
4Online data scrapingThe bot searches for top rated restaurants of particular types in particular location on Yelp and
saves information about 10 top restaurants of each type to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)(star)DOWNLOAD

Email Automation

#TitleDescriptionMain ActionsComplexityQuick Links
1Sending bulk emailThe bot reads data from a spreadsheet, opens Outlook and sends different emails to recipients using the data from the spreadsheet.(star)DOWNLOAD
2Sending emails based on condition

The bot reads data about Invoices from a spreadsheet and, based on the Invoice status, performs different actions for each customer:

  • sends emails in Outlook
  • adds customer to the list of debtors and sends the list to the account manager