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We have moved to a new documentation platform. This section is no longer supported. For the up-to-date information, see Report generation and dissemination overview.

Example Overview

Problem Statement

Many companies need to prepare and send out reports to stakeholders within the company. Reports can range from customer usage (for sales and marketing purposes) to system uptimes (for monitoring). The purpose of this business case is to grab details and generate Excel reports to send to internal stakeholders.

Existing Manual Process

Commonly, an employee should open an appropriate file, search for the data, and copy-paste the required information to an Excel document. Afterwards, the employee has to open mail service, attach the needed file and send the email to internal stakeholders. 

Automation Solution

In this example, an RPA bot task will grab all data from five input log files in the .json format, put the data to the online json-to-csv converter, transfer the result to an .csv file, and adjust the file to a proper view with four result columns. After that modification, the file will be saved in the .xslx format and sent to ten persons. You just start it, and a bot will do all the necessary actions by itself. As a result, ten persons will receive a mail with the attached Excel file. One more option allows to apply reusable script components in your own scripts without any modifications.

Example Overview Video

See the video showing how our bot works.

Installation and Getting Started

  1. Install Intelligent Automation Cloud – Express Edition or Business Edition.
  2. Download an example with an Excel template.
  3. Add the example to your WorkFusion Studio as described here.
  4. Copy the metrics in the .json format to any appropriate folder (for example, C:\Examples).
  5. Change the path in the path_to_folder variable.

  6. Change the mail addresses in the mail_list list variable.
  7. Make sure your Outlook account is configured to send emails.

Download Example

In this example

5 REUSABLE components

  • Copy files content into clipboard.
  • Paste content to the website and download the file from the web page.
  • Fix the Excel file content. 
  • Send emails with attachments via Outlook to specified persons.
  • Close Outlook.


Install to your PC

  • WorkFusion Studio (Intelligent Automation Cloud Express/Business)
  • Any of these browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer

    If your browser is managed by your organization, the script may require some changes and won't work out-of-the-box

  • MS Excel (version doesn't matter)
  • MS Outlook (version doesn't matter). Email account should be configured and logged in providing a bot with the option to send emails

Example Workflow

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