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Example Overview

Problem Statement

In the modern world, we need to work with a large number of people from different countries, but since we cannot know all the languages, we use online translators for this. Though, translating each phrase separately takes a lot of time, and this small bot will help you save your time.

Existing Manual Process

Sometimes, we have to translate some phrases from one language to another. For this, we copy one phrase, translate it, and save the result. The process is repeated for each phrase separately.

Automation Solution

The bot gets a list of English words/phrases from a spreadsheet, translates them into Spanish online in Google Translate, and saves the translated words/phrases back to the spreadsheet. To define the input and output language, we set ISO 2 Letter Language Codes as headers in the input file.

Installation and Getting Started

  1. Extract the Translation folder.
  2. Transfer the folder contents into your Workfusion Studio workspace (C:\Users\name\workfusion-workspace2\rpae_project).
  3. Open the sample in WorkFusion Studio.
  4. Set default values for the following variables:
    1. file – for example, the path to the .xlsx file with a single column for translation: C:\ManualReconciliationInput

  5. Click on the Play recording button.
  • The input file should contain short abbreviations for input and output languages in cells A1 and B1, for example: en, es, de, etc. (ISO 2 Letter Language Codes)
  • Input phrases should be in column 'A', beginning with the second row.

Download Example


Install to your PC

  • WorkFusion Studio (Intelligent Automation Cloud Express/Business)
  • Chrome or Firefox

Document example: 

  • English to Spanish.xlsx – the input file inside the folder, the standard path for the input folder: C:\

Example Workflow

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