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We have launched a new documentation website. If you're using Enterpise Edition 10 (or higher) or Express/Business Edition 2.4.1 (or higher), visit this page.

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We have moved to a new documentation platform. This section is no longer supported. For the up-to-date information, see How to modify setup.

In the modification mode, you are able to change your Intelligent Automation Cloud – Express or Business – setup, add or remove bots, and set new Administrator credentials.

There are several ways to enter the modification mode.

  • Run IntelligentAutomationCloudInstaller.exe and select Modify > Next.
  • If you do not have the installer file, use the app list in Windows settings. Open Windows Settings > Apps & features and start entering the application name.

    To enter needed changes, click Modify > Next.

If you need the information on the modify mode in the earlier versions of RPA Express, go to How to Modify RPA Express.

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