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All Examples

Web Automation

#TitleDescriptionComplexityQuick Link
1TranslationThe bot gets a list of English words/phrases from a spreadsheet, translates them into Spanish online in Google Translate, and saves the translated words/phrases back to the spreadsheet.(star)

2Craigslist searchThe bot conducts a search on Craigslist and saves the top results to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)

3Negative news searchThe bot searches for negative news about a company using a set of keywords and saves results to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)

4Web scraping U.S. Securities and Exchange commissions site

The bot allows to collect press releases from the U.S. Securities and Exchange commissions site for the latest seven days without any manual intervention. As a result, you will receive a file with the links to press releases to your email. ( components)


5Table scrapingThe bot opens a website with a table, selects a table, and copies and pastes it into an Excel file.(star)(star)

6Report generation and dissemination

The bot grabs data from input log files in the .json format, puts the data to the online json-to-csv converter, transfers results to an .csv file, and adjusts the file to look properly. Finally, the file is saved in the .xslx format and sent to specified persons. ( components)


7Contacts recognition and upload to Salesforce

The bot processes business cards according to predefined templates, collects all the recognized contacts in a .csv file, and uploads to your Salesforce account. ( components)


Desktop Automation

#TitleDescriptionComplexityQuick Link
1Sending bulk emailThe bot reads data from a spreadsheet, opens Outlook, and sends different emails to recipients using the data from the spreadsheet.(star)

2Sending emails based on condition

The bot reads data about Invoices from a spreadsheet and, based on the Invoice status, performs different actions for each customer:

  • sends emails in Outlook
  • adds customer to the list of debtors and sends the list to the account manager


The bot uses Adobe Reader to convert .pdf files to .txt, as for machine processing we have to use a format that we can read and extract information from for further work. The next big step is data processing and their transfer to an Excel file. In this step, we copy all the necessary information into the appropriate columns in the template and set the status for the current transaction. ( components)


4Creating and posting incoming invoice in SAP

The bot opens the SAP GUI desktop client, logs in, fills in all required fields, and posts the invoice. ( components)


5Invoice registration in SAP (MIRO)

The bot scrapes the required information from invoices using optical character recognition and posts it to your SAP system. ( components)