This page contains example of scripts that show bot execution in different automation scenarios.

To use the bots below in your local WorkFusion Studio:

  1. Download and unzip the bot
  2. Copy the folder with the bot to your workspace (by default: C:\Users\username\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project)
  3. Open WorkFusion Studio and refresh the Media Files tab (Right click - Refresh) - the folder with the bot will appear on the list
  4. Open the folder and double click on the .rpae file to open the Bot.

Web Automation

TitleDescriptionActionsComplexityQuick Links
Translation BotThe bot gets a list of English words/phrases from a spreadsheet, translates them into Spanish online in Google Translate and saves the translated words/phrases back to the spreadsheet.(star)DOWNLOAD
Craigslist BotThe bot conducts a search on Craigslist and saves the top results to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)


Negative news BotThe bot searches for negative news about a company using a set of keywords and saves results to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)DOWNLOAD
Online data scraping BotThe bot searches for top rated restaurants of particular types in particular location on Yelp and save information about 10 top restaurants of each type to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)(star)DOWNLOAD

Email Automation

TitleDescriptionActionsComplexityQuick Links
Sending bulk emails BotThe bot(star)DOWNLOAD
Conditions Bot