This page contains example of scripts that show bot execution in different automation scenarios.

To use the bots below in your local WorkFusion Studio:

  1. Download and unzip the bot
  2. Copy the folder with the bot to your workspace (by default: C:\Users\username\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project)
  3. Open WorkFusion Studio and refresh the Media Files tab (Right click - Refresh) - the folder with the bot will appear on the list
  4. Open the folder and double click on the .rpae file to open the Bot

Note: you might need to change details in some actions so the bots will work on your machine:

  • paths to files and folders used by the bot
  • paths to applications' .exe files
  • titles of some Windows
  • images

Web Automation

TitleDescriptionActionsComplexityQuick Links
TranslationThe bot gets a list of English words/phrases from a spreadsheet, translates them into Spanish online in Google Translate and saves the translated words/phrases back to the spreadsheet.(star)DOWNLOAD
Craigslist searchThe bot conducts a search on Craigslist and saves the top results to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)


Negative news searchThe bot searches for negative news about a company using a set of keywords and saves results to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)DOWNLOAD
Online data scrapingThe bot searches for top rated restaurants of particular types in particular location on Yelp and save information about 10 top restaurants of each type to a spreadsheet.(star)(star)(star)DOWNLOAD

Email Automation

TitleDescriptionActionsComplexityQuick Links
Sending bulk emailThe bot reads data from a spreadsheet, opens Outlook and sends different emails to recipients using the data from the spreadsheet.(star)DOWNLOAD
Sending emails based on condition

The bot reads data about Invoices from a spreadsheet and, based on the Invoice status, performs different actions for each customer:

  • sends emails in Outlook
  • adds customer to the list of debtors and sends the list to the account manager